so, so sad and depressed

Today I discovered that my plan to get the gym early and exercise for 2 straight hours every morning failed miserably.  It was beyond depressing.  My friend, Jen, who did the same thing was disappointed as well.  I’m getting kinda burned out but need to suck it up and freakin’ live at the gym for the next two weeks!  It’s gotta be all exercise, all the time and I’m gonna hate it.  The only upside to that plan is that it’s only for 2 more weeks and after that It’ll feel like a vacation to go back to a more reasonable schedule.

Tomorrow is our last competition day and we’ve been told to wear our swimming gear.   This does not bode well for me.  I’m such a bad swimmer.  Tonight I’m going to the pool to get some pointers from our teams resident swim expert.  Billy is going to try to make me a swimmer.  I suspect he’s in for a uphill battle!

Now on to today’s depressing results:

Starting weight: 270 lbs
Current weight: 247 lbs
Weight lost (this week) 1.8 lbs — yes, I know that this is a good thing and 1.8 lbs gone can never be bad but… I worked hard this week and was really hoping for a better loss. I’m still sad about it!
Total lost: 23 lbs



  1. Teresa Said:

    I understand your discouragement. Just remember — 23 pounds is A LOT of weight to lose in 6 weeks. You are doing a phenomenal job and I am so very proud of you. Hang in there girl!

  2. Bridge Said:

    54 lbs!!!

    I wish I lost 1.8 lbs this week.

  3. Loralee Said:

    You are totally rocking the HOUSE, Karen!!!!! I do not know how you do it. (Remind me to throw some confetti at you on game night or something!)

  4. mok Said:

    1.8 pounds is about what I gained this week! So you go girl!

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