Swim Challenge

Well, I think I’ve proved to myself that I can swim when necessary.  Last night I went to the gym to meet with my fellow team member, Billy.  He has been participating in triathlons for the last 4 or 5 years and has worked on his swimming techniques.  Up until now I have maintained that I’m a terrible swimmer but Billy gave me some great tips about streamlining my body and how to breathe.  He also told me that some people swim with their legs and some with their arms and that is okay.  I’m a arm swimmer and once I understood that my kicking wasn’t so important I was able to relax… a lot!  It also turns out that I’m really bouyant and that the biggest reason for kicking is to keep your self afloat.  Staying afloat isn’t my biggest worry (I suspect my fat rolls are excellent floaties) so I just needed to work on making my stroke more streamlined.

This morning when we got to the pool our challenge was, as a team, to swim 1 mile.  That was 36 laps in the pool.  Each team member needed to swim at least 3 laps of the mile and so we worked it out to use our Billy advantage.  He swam every other lap and the rest of use took turns getting our 3 laps in.  And how did I do?  Pretty well.  I feel really good about my performance.  I didn’t hold us back and in fact really held up my part of the effort.  Our team won the competition (thanks Billy!) and it was nice to know that I had given 100% of my effort on this.  I think I’m going to have to make swimming a regular part of my exercise routine.  It feels pretty good to know that it is something that I have the potential to do well at.  I’d say I can see a triathlon in my future but lets face it… I will never be a biker.

Our team won 35$ gift certificates to use towards a massage (never gonna happen–too many ‘don’t touch my fat body’ issues) or a facial/wax/mani/pedi.  I don’t know what I’ll do yet.  I’m not very comfortable with any of these things.  We’ll just have to see.



  1. mok Said:

    Grandma B was very boyant too. She just bobbed along in the water without much effort needed to stay afloat, so you can thank the California girl in you for the swimmies. I started a blog on what I thought was wordpress because I couldn’t get any action or help from blogspot, but I seem to have gone astray somehow my address has seo-blog.org on it instead of wordpress, and I can’t figure out how to put a picture on it. I’ve just about given up on blogging.

  2. mok Said:

    I am now trying wyogranny.wordpress.com let me know if you can find it.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Karen–you did GREAT at the challenge! I hope that you can find something fun to use your gift certificate on. It would be a shame to let something so hard earned go to waste!

  4. MaryEllen Said:

    Yeah Karen! That is great. I would go for the mani/pedi/facial and I can get a massage from Malia. I have issues with people touching my feet,but the pedi I had before my trip was so wonderful I would love to do it on a regular basis!
    I had to swim laps to pass off swimming for Girl’s Camp! I have not been swimming for the sake of swimming since I had kids. I was a little nervous. I wondered if I could do it, and I also did not want to look like a complete dork in front of the young women. Not only did I do my part and pass off the swimming, but then I helped 3 of the girls by swimming next to them and shouting out encouraging words. I was dead by time I got home from YW last week. I decided I would like to swim laps. I felt the muscles working but I did not feel the strain anywhere.
    Have a great week!

  5. Angie Said:

    Pedicures are the best! I get them all the time from the beauty school. They are heavenly. They soak your feet in hot water, file them, scrub them, make them pretty. Ahhh, I’m salivating…

  6. Pi-man Dave Said:

    I’m an arm swimmer also. It’s good to know that that’s normal. I’ve always worrid about not kicking me legs while I swim. Way to go on the win.

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