Bad Week

I’m having a amazingly craptacular week.  I’m feeling lonely, sad, huge, slow and tired which does not lead to a good attitude.  Unfortunately a bad attitude is what I’ve been taking to the gym this week.  Tuesday morning I had a come apart when I couldn’t get a stationary bike seat adjusted to the right height.  It involved tears, kicking and some choice words.  I’m completely embarrassed about it especially since it was witnessed by the entire gym.  Things just are not going well.




  1. Teresa Said:

    I’m sorry to hear you are having such a struggle this week. I know you can push through this! Don’t worry too much about your melt down. Everyone has them and I’m sure the witnesses have forgotten or will soon forget. Don’t let that stand in your way. Today is a new day, and if it sucks, shake it off because tomorrow is a new day and IT WILL GET BETTER!

  2. Bridge Said:

    I am having the same craptacular week. I freaked out on my family, am mad at a lot of my friends, hate my neighbor… Plus I am at the highest weight I have been in years. Luckily my diet stuff should arrive in 2 days so I can get back in control. I hope.

  3. mok Said:

    Wow, things must be bad you never have a public come apart. Well, it’s pretty satisfying sometimes, so enjoy. Hope things get better soon. We love you.

  4. Sarah Said:

    It must just be official Craptacular Week week. I am feeling mighty irritated, overwhelmed, and burnt out myself. Hang in there in my friend!

  5. MaryEllen Said:

    I highly doubt that any one of us who are fat cell reduction challenged have not had a melt down, kicked the exercise bike or thrown weights around at least once. I know I speak from experience. Lets not even go into what happened to an inflatable exercise ball. It was quite gruesome. Keep it up. You are going great. Besides, you expand my vocabulary…craptacular..I love it!

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