regrouping in progress

Well, I’m still ‘bad attitude girl’ at the gym but it’s getting better. I think what is happening is the result of too many hard & stressful things culminating at once. Work has been very busy and while it’s nothing I can’t handle, when you add storytime weather cancellations, 2+ hours of working out a day, an apartment still full of half empty boxes, 2 weeks of laundry and dishes piling up and strict calorie counting… something had to give. Evidently what gave was my ability to keep my stress under wraps in public (that and a lovely herpes out break on my face!). That kind of outburst from me, in a public forum, is rare (thank the stars above) but it was also really embarrassing and going back to class on Wednesday was h.a.r.d. I’m just hoping that this weekend I can decompress and regroup so I can end this weigh loss challenge on a positive note.

As for what we’ve been working on in our morning workouts… Alissa has been having usarrive to class at 5:30 every morning and ‘run’ a mile before our other activities. For me this translates to jogging a bit and walking the rest briskly. Last night I went to work out and decided to up the ante for myself on the treadmill. I jogged 30-45 seconds of every 2 minutes for 30 minutes. The fact that I could was amazing and so this morning I tried very hard to jog as much of every other lap of the 2 miles Alissa assigned as I could. As a result I clocked an @ 12 minute mile. Compared to the 23 minute mile I could do in October this is something to celebrate. She then had us ride 10 miles on the stationary bikes (yes the same bikes I had a meltdown over on Tuesday). I won’t say that it was fun but I will say that I was able to do it and right now that is saying something big.

Beginning next Monday we’re starting class at 5 am and will be working out for 2 hours with Alissa. We’re starting out by participating in a mini triathlon. I suspect that means we’ll be swimming yet to be determined laps, ‘running’ 3 miles and biking 11 miles. I’m soooo looking forward to that!



  1. Loralee Said:

    I hear you on the public outburst thing. Sometimes it just builds to the point that you can’t contain it. It sucks for after embarrassment but you seem to be regrouping (WAY better than I did after my public debacle, I might add.) The description of the mini-triathlon makes my legs ache just thinking about it. :S

  2. mok Said:

    Wow! a twelve minute mile. That blows my flippin’ freakin’ face off!! I might could do an hour mile if someone were pushing me. Last year I nearly had heat stroke from mowing the lawn. Maybe you can do the swimming and running and pay someone to do the biking part for you. That would only take about 36 minutes plus 12 minutes per mile of swimming at the present rate of speed. I’m sure you remember several public come aparts in my past, it’s a part of life, not the best part, but it cant be roses and sunshine all the time. Hang in there good things come from hard work. If love helps we can provide tons of that.

  3. Bridge Said:

    YEAH!!! I love the fact you can do the 12 minute mile!!! That means we can do a 5k. HEHE.

  4. big sis Said:

    Public come aparts are in our genes. mok and I have had several of them, sometimes when we were both teenagers and couldn’t get along with each other so well! Sigh!

  5. drubabe Said:

    I can completly relate with you Karen!!! Everyday, while I’m watching TV, I try to run during all of the comerscles, or whenever I feel like for 5 to 2 1/2 min. I’m mesureing my waist and at the beginning of the week, my waist was thirty inches around. Mok said that that wasn’t small. But now, with my wait slightly sucked in, I’m between 28 and 27 inches!!!! I suppose that just proves how vaierable we teenagers can be. But I still feel kinda heavy. I weighed myself at grandmas (since we don’t have a scale) and I was 130!!!! Holy Crap!!!! I feel, fat, or at least overweight!!! You Go Karen!!!! I totally couldn’t do what your doing!!!!

    Please excuse the spelling errors.

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