my old nemesis revisited

Today I managed to get to the gym by 5:10 and I felt refreshed after a lovely nights sleep. The difference? Yesterday when I got home all the screens for my window were leaning against my front door. I was able to put them in all the windows of my stifling upstairs apartment and the lovely canyon breeze kept things cool and infinitely sleepable all night long.

Today Alissa took us all up to Romney stadium again and we started off things by running up and down all the lines on the football field. I had no idea that the surface of the field was so soft and springy. I was worried that it was the perfect softness for rolling my ankle and wondered how football players don’t sprain things more often. I would imagine that the ground has been specially formulated to do the least amount of injury but I was still a little worried. After that and some arm work we then had 40 minutes to walk up and down all the stairs in the stadium. I had thought I’d managed to avoid this wonderful exercise. They didn’t have us do it for a challenge this go around and the day I missed class was the day they had done some stairs at the stadium. No such luck though! I cannot express in strong enough terms how completely miserable I was climbing all those stairs. I did manage to do it faster and I didn’t vomit but the process was less than happy for me.

I’ve concluded after 8 months of exercising that the ‘runners high’ people speak of is a big fat myth. I suspect it’s a myth put forward by fit people to make the slothful feel inadequate but I don’t have proof. I’ve yet to feel happy and good while exercising. Mostly I feel grumpy and the degree of grumpiness runs from annoyed to fuming mad. Today I was nearer the fuming side of the spectrum. I wish I could feel happy like a cool spring morning while burning the pounds away but alas… it’s not meant to be! The thing that keeps me going in spite of hating the whole exercise thing is that I know in the long run I’ll be really really happy that I’ve done it. And for now that hope is what keeps me going.



  1. Bridge Said:

    I hate exercising as well. The high they speak of rarely hits me. I got it the first time I ran 3 miles, and I got it the last time I participated in a 5k.

    I am usually just happy that I actually did something. Anything.

    Anyways, I started my diet today. Plus I went on a walk with mother-in-law and a bike ride. Neither were long, but I have to start somewhere.

    Thank you for motivating me!

  2. mok Said:

    The runner’s high is exactly what you think it is! It’s really the last gasp of a dying body.

  3. Chelle Said:

    Would you feel better if I admitted that nearly every mile of last weeks’ relay was painful? The only relief I felt was either if the pain eased off a little or after I passed the team wristband onto the next runner. The “high” is certainly an exception to the rule… Could you consider all the running I have done trying to feel that way as “chasing the dragon?”

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