Wind Caves

Today we had our last real group workout for this Ultimate Loser incarnation.  Tomorrow it’ll all be about weighing, measuring and taking pictures.  It’s been a good week, hard but good and today was the same.  We went up Logan canyon to hike up to the wind caves.  It’s a 1.9 mile hike one way and we only had an hour so we didn’t make it.  I was waaaayyyy behind everyone else but that spared them my extreme huffing & puffing as I hauled myself up the mountain.  At one point we ran into a moose which was very disconcerting.  He was in the middle of the trail and just wandered off but I was still very aware of where he was and was always looking for good hiding places should it decide it didn’t want me there.  All in all it was a good hike and I burned 600 calories.  I can’t say I’m dying to try it again though.  It really hurt me knees coming down the trail and I’m still feeling it.  I’m gonna have to ice them tonight.  Hiking is not my favorite thing to do but I think I can survive it much better than I could before.  I’m just not a nature girl.  Yeah, I know that sounds terrible but my idea of hell involves a mountain trail, a tent and a campfire.

I stood on the scale this morning before I left for the hike and it looks like I might be up a few pounds since last week.  I have no idea how this is possible as I’ve been working my ass off (haha) and the thought of gaining on my final weigh in has me panicked.  I’m eating only the bare requirement of calories today, avoiding water, trying to make all my food choices high in fiber and I’ll be done eating by 5 pm.  I’m also thinking that I should hit the steam room tomorrow morning, but as my friend Jen F. pointed out, then I’ll be all sweaty in my ‘after’ picture.  We’ll have to see if I think I can repair the steam room damage to my appearance in a timely and convenient manner at the gym.  If I can do it the steam room is a definite must!



  1. Bridge Said:


  2. teresa Said:

    DITTO on the Happy Birthday! The wind caves is a hard hike. The last time I tried it I darn near puked. Your idea of hell is quite near my idea of heaven — a mountain trail, a tent, a campfire (and a burly outdoorsy guy)!

    Good luck on the weigh in tomorrow! I’m trying to rearrange my schedule to go to an earlier boot camp. We’re swimming tomorrow and that just wouldn’t produce a good look for my “after” picture.

  3. I think that it’s hell because:

    1- the trail is steep and rocky causing me to injure myself
    2- the tent provides little in the way of protection from bears and a rock in the spine
    3- the campfire blows smoke all over which thereby causes me to smell like a campfire (on of my least favorite smells!).

    However, if it came with a cute boy I might upgrade the experience ;P

  4. Holly Said:

    Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Karen, Happy Birthday to you!

    You go girl!

  5. big sis Said:

    Ditto the Hell idea. I really really dislike camping and hiking. No toilets, electricity, warmth or coolness, extremely sore knees that refuse to move after 8 hours on tile floors,let alone up or down mountains. I do like bird watching etc, but only on flat ground, and only for brief time periods. Happy Birthday to you.

  6. mok Said:

    HB2U Sorry I forgot. However I WAS THERE WHEN IT REALLY COUNTED! My little finger wants me to shout for some reason, it keeps throwing capitals up on the comment board.

  7. Mongo Said:

    Yes, Happy birthday Niece 1. Here’s hoping you a great year.


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