Another weightloss competition completed!

Last October I began my journey to a more fit & svelte me by joining a weight loss competition at my local gym, the Sports Academy. That competition lasted 10 weeks and I lost 29 lbs. This May they began another competition, this time for 8 weeks, and today was the last day.

I know that I’ve improved by leaps and bounds since that October morning when I officially tipped the scale at 301 lbs. I know that I can do more now, I feel better and I’m stronger than I was but sometimes, when I’m in the middle of a particularly hard workout, I still feel like the fattest, slowest, grossest, ginormous girl around. It’s been hard to get through those days. Those are the days that I wonder when or if I’ll ever feel good about what I’ve done. I know that changing my internal body image takes more than just changing my body and I’m still working on not feeling like that 301 lb girl.

But, today is not one of those days. This morning we had our final weigh in and while I didn’t lose as much this week as I’d liked to have, I still lost a little bit more. I’ve come just a little bit further. I’m feeling just a little bit better and this is what will keep me moving in the right direction.

So here are my final stastics for the Ultimate Loser III competition:

Starting weight: 270.8 lbs
Ending weight: 242 lbs
Total lost: 28.8 lbs

Total Lost since October ’07: 59 lbs — only 80+ more to go!



  1. Teresa Said:

    CONGRATULATIONS, KAREN! You did a great job!

  2. Bridge Said:

    Congratulations! I know you can do it!!!

  3. cricket927 Said:


  4. mok Said:


  5. Nancy Said:

    Wow Karen! You are amazing! I know you can get to your goal!

  6. Mongo Said:

    Always keep in mind that you are loosing weight much faster than you gained it.

  7. Lisa Said:

    I didn’t realize that this one was only an 8 week deal. I am extra uber-impressed with your loss numbers this go around and so proud of your attitude and determination for this terrific goal of yours! You are an amazing person, my friend! Way to go! *pats back* Good for you!

  8. drubabe Said:

    *cheering* You go Karen!!! And what does 5k translate to? 2 1/2 miles? I can’t run that!!!!

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