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post competition difficulties

Since the weight loss competition ended I’ve really been struggling with my diet and exercise.  Part of this is the obvious “I don’t have anyone waiting for me to show up in the morning” and the rest is that I’m lazy.  I’ve slipped back into some pretty alarming habits and I’ve got to nip them in the bud before they become the norm again.  I truly wish I could afford the massive amounts of cash required to maintain a membership at the sport academy.  I have many friends who go there and they offer classes I could take and they have a pool I could swim laps in.  However, I’ve already struggled to accept the amounts of money I’ve spent to join the competitions that I’ve done, I just can’t justify a $600+ yearly membership.  However, I have a little light in my tunnel.  Last week I got a flier in the mail for another local gym.  They are offering a year long membership for $100 (that would cover 2 months at the SA).  So I took my birthday monies and joined.  It’s not far from my house and they open at 4:30 in the morning so I can go as early as I want.  I wish I was disciplined enough to exercise using the obvious economic way… running around my neighborhood but I am not.  I’m reluctant to post my intended exercise plan here because I always fail when I do but let’s just hope that this birthday present will be what I need to lose the remaining pounds I’m sporting!