Week 1… not as planned

Well, we’ve completed our first week, at least as far as the weigh-ins go.  I started at 260 on Monday and was really hoping for a fabulous number.  After all when you watch the biggest loser on tv the first week the contestants always post a-mazing numbers.  I was looking for a 5 or higher, so when I stepped on the scale I was mortified to see that I had gained .8 pounds.  I seriously hate that.

Now on reflection I know there were a few elements playing against me.  We only had 4 workout days since the last weigh-in.  I have had a hard time getting to the gym as early as I need to, most mornings I only get about 15 minutes of extra time in.  I also was really hoping to avoid workouts after work and didn’t do any this week.  I’m hoping that with some serious adjustments I can fix these things and that next week I’ll post an awesome number.

So here’s the plan:

  • I’m going to get to the gym as close to 5 am as I can, if I fail to get at least 45 minutes extra in before class I’ll stay after class 45 minutes.  I’m hoping this will get me there early because I really don’t want to be there until 8
  • I’m going to take a walk on my lunch break. I can eat at my desk most days and so when I get to take my 45 minutes for lunch I can take that time to go on a walk.
  • I’m going to really push myself during class even when I don’t want to.

I’m hoping these tactics will help.  If I’m going to lose 39 pounds I’ve got to get moving!

I also want to share a little about this first week.  We have team trainers this time around, Alissa & Shelly.  I really like them both and I really appreciate how they think about what they are doing with our time to make it effective.  We have an upper body day and a lower body day each week so we can build some strength.  We have cardio days which are super calorie burners and from what I can tell they will try to vary things up with kickboxing, running, stairs, relays, etc.  We also began with some fitness tests that we’ll repeat on the last day so we can know how far we’ve come.  I’m really excited by this.  I’ve never thought to keep track of how many crunches I can do in a minute, or how many laps I can run around the track in a certain amount of time but I think it will be incredibly helpful to be able to measure that progress.  So let me tell you where I stand right now.

As of Monday I can do:

  • 40 crunches in 1 minutes
  • run 5.5 laps in 6 minutes (13.5 laps is a mile)
  • 17 push ups before I break form

This week has been good.  I’m feeling good and I’m still so glad I’m there.  It’s good to be pushed to my limits and to know I’m taking care of myself.  I’m also very glad to have my friend Teresa on my team.  I didn’t realize what a difference having her there would make to me.  It’s been great.  I also need to thank everyone who has been supportive to me.  I’ve been very blessed all week and need to shout “THANK YOU” to you all.  It seriously makes me want to cry.  Thanks.

September 29th Starting Weight: 260
Week 1 Weight: 260.8



  1. wyogranny Said:

    I commented earlier, but it didn’t work. I like your plan. Another way to get some weight exercise is rearranging the shelves in your library. I can recommend it for burning calories!

  2. Teresa Said:

    Thanks, Karen. It helps me a bunch to have you there too. I know this week was disappointing, but it was only 4 days. I’m sure our bodies are still adjusting to the new routine and things will even out next week. Great plan! Hopefully I can follow your lead and be there at 5.

  3. Chelle Said:

    Way to take it on! I like how you turned it around instead of clamming up because it didn’t go the way you wanted, you made a new plan. You totally rock!

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