treking along

This week has been pretty much business as usual as far as my training class goes.  We’ve done some cardio, some upper body and today we did some lower body stuff.  I conveniently forgot how much I hate lunges and drill type activities but here I was today lunging, squatting and bear crawling down the gym.  I guess these are the activities I must resign myself too so resign myself I will.

Monday was a grumpy morning and I spent most of the morning in a rather pissed off kind of mood.  I suspect this was due to lack of sleep and thankfully it hasn’t spilt into the rest of my week.  I’m not yet sure what to think of my team.  I totally love having Teresa there but other than her and Josh I’m not feeling much like much of a cohesive group.  We have a group challenge competition on Saturday and perhaps that activity will solidify us as a team.  I hope so because one of my favorite things about this weight loss program is the feeling of family you get working out with the same group of people every morning.

I have managed to get to the gym earlier so far this week and on those mornings that I didn’t get there quite as early as I should have I did stay after to work some more.  I’ve also have an incredibly active preschool storytime this week of dancing and I’ve danced with preschoolers twice a day all week.  On monday I figured that I’d burned 400 calories just during storytime and my daily calorie burns have been over 4000 every day.  That is unreal.  I usually reach about 3300 in a day when I just doing my regular workouts.  I’m thinking I need to dance during storytime every week.  I wonder how I can make that happen with next weeks them of autumn.  hmmmmm……

Tomorrow we’re spinning so I’m sure I’ll have something exciting to report after that.  Maybe I’ll do what others have done and duct tape a towel to my bicycle seat.  That could work!



  1. pi-day dave Said:

    keep it up, you can do it.

  2. Bridge Said:

    Those bike seats are TERRIBLE!!!

  3. drubabe Said:

    That sounds kinda fun. Maybe I can come to one of your workouts…
    Good luck with everything Karen. I really miss you!!!!

  4. Teresa Said:

    4000? Every day? You TOTALLY ROCK! Way to work the extra calorie burn into your storytimes! I’m feeling a big loss for you this week! I totally love being on the same team as you too and I’m also hoping the team competition on Saturday will help bring us together as a team as well. Although, perhaps the others will hate spinning as much as we do and we can bond over that! 🙂

  5. Lisa Said:

    Way to go Karen!! I’m thinking trees dancing their leaves off is in order for autumn storytime.. and does DDR count as dancing?? *grins* Keep it up friend!!

  6. Loralee Said:

    Oh, NOES! NOT THE SPIN CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mok Said:

    Try duct taping towels to your behind. Keep on going the spinning thing helps you appreciate swimming more! (gags) Hold your head high and your bottom too.

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