week two, over and done with

I’ve finished yet another ultimate loser week and this time I’ve had some pretty good results. Rather than gaining an unfortunate .8 pounds I lost it plus 6 more. Yup, I lost 6.8 pounds this week. And there was much rejoicing! 

I was going to recount for you my time in spinning class on Thursday but I was visited by a fabulous migraine Wednesday night, a migraine that induced vomiting thus leaving me reluctant to spin even more passionately. I skipped class that morning and while I received a passive-aggressive e-mail about missing classes I don’t regret it at all. I cannot imagine a more complete kind of hell that being in a spin class whilst suffering from a migraine headache!

Today, Saturday, we had our first group competition.  We had to “run” a 5k and I was in no way prepared for it. In the past our first competitions have been at a local grocery store and a little less physically taxing. Last time we had to run to the store but it was only a few blocks, so when the ul director announced our challenge I just about died. I’m currently “running” about a 17 minute mile.  This means it would take me nearly an hour to go 5k! We also had little “calorie stations” along the way that had to ce completed before the team could move on. So the bulk of the team would just sit at the stations waiting for me. Suck! I absolutely hate slowing others down. I’m fine with how I did on a personal level. I accomplished something big and hard! But in light of how it effected the team I feel like poo. We lost and we’ll never win. I can’t do anything about that but I can lose pounds. I can work hard in our morning workouts and help the team along to an overall victory so that’s what I need to worry about.

Beginning weight: 260
1st week: 260.8
2nd week: 254



  1. Teresa Said:

    Never fear, Karen. You were way ahead of me, so it was not solely your responsibility for our loss. Alas, I’m afraid I will always hold us back in challenges, but my guess is the others would rather have us there counting towards our participation for the ultimate prize than to have us miss the head-to-head competitions so they can win a gift certificate. Perhaps that is something I just tell myself to feel a little less embarrassed.

  2. Bridge Said:


    I also hate doing group things for that very reason. I am sure you did fine though!

    I am happy for you!!!

  3. mok Said:

    Tis ultimate looser thing is working for you. That’s what’s important, so keep it up. The others on your team are there to lose weight too, so they must be on your side. I doubt the people are doing this for a gift certificate any more than you are. Remember why you’re there. I think you are a remarkable person and I’m proud of you.

  4. Chelle Said:

    Yay! Much weight lost and beating a personal goal (before you felt ready to face it, no-less): sounds like a great week. I will overlook the fact that you said you felt like poo. I think that you are doing fantabulous and I admire you so much for going back to this process that really challenges you. Great job!

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