half way there… sort of

Last Friday marked the end of the 4th Ultimate Loser week during this 8 week run.  It’s hard to believe that this is my 3rd time participating in this program and overall I’d say that I’m really happy that I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about myself while losing weight.

A year ago I weighed over 300 pounds. When I started my first Ultimate Loser I officially tipped the scale at 301 pounds and several months before that, at my doctors office, I weighed 312.  I now weigh 248, after having dropped 3.8 pounds last week.  All together I’ve lost 64 pounds in a little over a year.  In many ways this doesn’t seem like enough but if I can maintain this pace I’ll get to my overall goal in 1 more year.  Next October I’ll be smokin’ hot! And while being able to wear the clothes that reflect my true style will be a huge reward, even better will be the knowledge that I’ve done all I can to lead a normal, healthy life. It’s unfortunate that life threw a sucktacular illness at me but being able to take charge of things rather than letting the illness take over is very empowering.  I’m even thinking that as a reward for working so hard and accomplishing so much I’ll have to take myself to Antarctica. That way I’ll have tackled 2 goals.

Speaking of goals my friend Teresa has some goals that I’ve set for myself.  We are working towards participating in the Portland marathon next October.  My amazing friend Chelle ran it this year and I’ve been so excited for her.  Watching her prepare and then accomplishing such a huge goal has been incredibly inspiring to me.  I don’t enjoy running (yet?) but if I could complete a marathon, all 26.2 miles of it, I think it would be monumental.  Worthy of traveling south to hiking the glaciers of Antarctica I think!

As for the immediate future… I’ve got 4 more weeks working with my 6 am group and the trainers.  4 more weeks of focused time.  My 6 am workout friends are really kicking themselves into high gear and every day, every week are working so f***ing hard.  They are my inspiration to really up my game as well.  I haven’t had the world’s greatest weightloss results this past 4 weeks (a total reflection of my inability to control myself around halloween candy!) but if I really put my whole heart into things I can end this challenge feeling great about my results.

Starting Weight: 260
Week 1:  260.8
Week 2:  253.8
Week 3:  252.2
Week 4:  248



  1. mok Said:

    You are awesome and Halloween candy is of the devil. Keep going baby!

  2. Teresa Said:

    64 pounds! That is awesome Karen! WTG!

  3. jvanekelenburg Said:

    4 more weeks! Why do the last 4 weeks always seem to be the hardest? Great job on loosing 64 pounds!

  4. Cricket Said:

    Karen! I am so proud of you and all you have done. It isn’t just the weight lose that is great but your wonderful attitude and what you have learned. It is amazing how far you have come and what knowledge you now have. I am proud that you are taking control and not allowing things to control you. I know some days can be a bit off, but you have determination and I believe that you can do anything that you want to do. You are incredible in so many ways and I am honored to be a part of your life and to share the journey. I love you to death Karen and you just inspire me to be better. Oh and it isn’t just Halloween candy that is evil but the Christmas fudge.

  5. Bridge Said:

    64 lbs is just AMAZING!!! In a year. Wow.

  6. Nancy Said:

    Wow that’s 12 lbs in 4 week. Once again, you are doing awesome!

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