This week was a big disappointment. I’m getting a little burned out and that combined with the abundance of Halloween candy worked against me. Last weekend I turned “free friday” (bad idea) into “free weekend” and didn’t record any of the food I ate. I was back on track beginning Monday morning but as far as the scale is showing that wasn’t enough.  I also really tried to up my activity levels this week. Along with going to my morning class I was able to get in extra morning and evening time at the gym. I was over 4000 calories every day but Friday morning only lost 2 pounds (and that was after insisting I get weighed again after class on Friday because I wasn’t going to settle for a 1 pound loss. Yes, I lost 1 additional pound after kickboxing Friday morning. I’m not sure what that means).

This week I must get a hold of my calorie consumption. Absolutely no more candy!!!!! I’m not even a really big fan on candy, give me chips or pizza any day, but for some reason the fact that I can’t have it is really making me want the chocolate. I may have to eat the same thing everyday to ensure that I maintain control but I will lose a bigger number next week!

My friend, Chelle, suggested that I may also be experiencing some muscle memory problems. For my extra exercise time I always do the same thing, walk on the treadmill. Walking is about as close as I come to having a favorite activity and I’ve been making progress with it. I’ve been able to increase my speed and the time I can run is also increasing. I’m reluctant to change things up… but I must. So heae is the plan for the next three weeks. I’ll still get to the gym early and that is when I’ll spend time with the treadmill walk/jogging. I’ll go the the rec. center after work and use the stairmaster (yuck) and eliptical (super-yuck) and then at 8 alternate between swimming and weights. I’ll also try to use my hand weights a little more at home for some additional upper body building. I’m hoping that this will confuse my body and make it work a little harder thus letting the pounds go!

Starting Weight: 260
Week 1:  260.8
Week 2:  253.8
Week 3:  252.2
Week 4:  248
Week 5:  246



  1. mok Said:

    Why must our bodies work against us? They certainly don’t mind how we put the pounds on! Hang in there and confuse the h#%* of your body!

  2. Bridge Said:


    Why didn’t more trick or treaters come to my house??? I have to get rid of the candy pronto before I decide to eat it.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Way to hang in there and push for that extra pound on Friday! Good Job!

  4. Lisa Said:

    hmmm… your chocolate craving wouldn’t have anything to do with my latest blog post does it?? *has guilt* so sorry if so. Here is to both of us fighting off that particular demon for the duration of the holiday season. *chants the mantra that worked last year* “I’m focusing on friends, family, fun and not the food!” Luv you way more than chocolate my fabulous friend!

  5. Chelle Said:

    You are working so hard, really, but if you feel like you can commit more, then more power to you. What a cute visual with the kids in storytime. Does it make you feel better to know that I gained 1.8 pounds last week? Here’s to renewed enthusiasm and intensity this week…

  6. Hang in there….Just take it one day at a time! Just think how far you have come!

  7. Janene Stott Said:

    Surprise, suprise! It’s me! Just wanted to tell you that I know all about being discouraged even after all the hard work you do. For the last 2 months I had been working from sunup to sundown getting the rental properties back up and running. It was such a let down to do all that cleaning and then come home to a house that looks like a tornado hit the place! You just have to keep one foot in front of the other and force yourself to get out of bed sometimes. Eventually you will reach your goal and you will conquer!

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