tearing down emotional barriers

This 8 weeks has been har-har-hard! I think that I’m going to blame it on all the things that are going on in my life that are not weight related. As it currently stands I’ve only lost half of the weight I did during the last competition and if things continue this week as they have the last two I expect that will be as good as it gets. I suppose overall it’s a positive move forward but it still feels a little discouraging when I had such high expectations.

Emotionally I’ve been all over the board. Sad, mad, happy, discouraged, overwhelmed, forgetful… and the comfort of a candy bar has been the escape I’ve turned to on more than one occasion. My goal for this 8 weeks, besides losing another 10%, was to figure out how to continue my weight loss under a dark could of emotions and stress. I think if I look at things that way, rather than the number of pounds lost, I can find some comfort. I have managed to continue to inch my way towards my goal even as my emotions spiral. While I have cheated and made bad decisions concerning my diet, I’ve been able to turn things around and get back on track in a day or two instead of throwing in the towel and giving up entirely. I’ve been able to be more active in my regular, daily life by going on walks and hikes instead of depending entirely on the gym for my activity. And these are the kinds of skills I’ve needed to gain. Have I mastered the art of becoming healthy? Not by a long shot. But I am getting there which is the bigger part of the battle. If I can experience the same rate of weight loss into the new year I can get pretty close to my goal weight.

So, I hope to have a great final week. A week full of reflection, exercise, no sodium, and tons of water (until wednesday when I quit drinking all together). After that I head into another year of hard work and learning. I also want to thank everyone who has been and still are so supportive. I couldn’t have come this far without your help. Thanks.

Starting Weight: 260
Week 1:  260.8
Week 2:  253.8
Week 3:  252.2
Week 4:  248
Week 5:  246
Week 6: 244.2
Week 7: 244 (I gained .2 this week. crap.)



  1. mok Said:

    I think you’re doing a great job of getting a grip on your life. Keep it up. Things will get better. Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Sarah Said:

    I think our little plan of supporting each other through exercise each night might help. I am really hoping that I can push through the bad emotions through exercise. I would love to also help you battle it too my friend!
    You are doing great! You have lost so much in a year! It really is amazing!

  3. teresa Said:

    We need to find a way to keep our weekend hikes/walks up — even during the winter. Those have been more helpful to me than just about anything. My weekend calorie burns are usually pretty pathetic and it is so nice to get out of the gym and feel like I’m doing something fun and getting exercise in the process rather than always trying to focus on the exercise and trying to squeeze a little fun in.

    I’m exhausted, but I’m a bit sad that this is our last week of challenge. I’m glad we have our 12 session that we won to look forward to because I will miss working out with you every morning!

    I have no doubt that you can overcome any challenges you face in regards to losing weight. You’ve come a long way and you realize that it is a process. I full expect that we both will be near our goals by this time next year. YOU SWAY! 🙂

  4. big sis Said:

    Why in the world are you going to quiet drinking water altogether, or am I missing a joke or something. I have been known to be rather obtuse sometimes! After a while you don’t loose weight as fast. Look at it this way you have lost almost 60# That is pretty good don’t you think. How come people always expect “healthy” people to loose weight but they do not expect underweight people to gain weight abd keep it on, It must be a family trait to beat up on ourselves. That is my biggest weakness.

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