past week catch up post

I meant to write earlier this week and record how things have been going as this third round of ultimate loserhood comes to a close, but I didn’t. So before I begin my post on the results of this week I just want to quickly jot down some thoughts about the past 6 or so days.

This week has been a very hard one and not just because I was trying to have a great finish. I began my MS shots on the 12th and this combined with my extra hard workouts, a very stressful situation at work, hormones and a dirty house has created a perfect storm of craptacular suckatude. Because my team has worked hard, both of our trainers offered an extra night of bootcamp training this week. That was such a nice thing for them to do as they weren’t paid for their time and I really tried to take advantage of the offering. However, along with the great workout I got, I also wasn’t able to get to bed by my usual time and it really confirmed that I do need 8 hours of sleep to function. I’ve been so incredibly tired.

Saturday and Sunday I went on a great walk/hike along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with some friends. It really does make the time and effort of exercising more enjoyable when it feels recreational and these two great friends have been a great support to me. I’m very blessed to have them on my side. Monday was business as usual with the addition of some final week tactics to help me have a great weigh in. I was drinking 3 times as much water as usual for the first half of the week and had cut my sodium levels down as much a possible. I ate the same dinner (ground turkey patty, broccoli & a little rice) every evening as well. Starting on Wednesday afternoon I severely cut off my water intake, drinking just enough to keep me going and Thursday ate Activia yogurt, granola and prune juice so that my colon would be nice and clean (and I assure you it was empty). Since I cannot sit in a hot tub or in a steam room because of the MS, I also tried to workout just as much as I could.

Tuesdays extra training with our trainer Shelly, was great. I worked harder that hour than I ever have. I think the fact that it was in the evening helped my mood and I was determined to push myself to the limit. I ran, jumped, lifted and pulled as hard as I could and I feel really good about that. I’ve now created a model of how hard I can go and I need to push myself there more often.  long with the extra trainings, I also did a great water aerobics class, worked on the treadmill and the stairmaster. It was brutal. I’ve never felt so tired. And emotionally I’ve been a wreck. Thursday I left the gym in tears because I just didn’t think I could do it. It’s hard to know if this week of extremes was worth it. The scale was kind and I’m feeling really good about my accomplishments but the price was pretty high. I think this kind of extreme is good in limited amounts and while I believe I’ll revisit this level of intensity again for the most part I will find the middle ground between my old lackadaisical ways and the ultimate loser final week.



  1. Angie Said:

    That is so awesome! I saw you at the rec center the other night (I was sitting in my car waiting for kids and I saw you walk in) and I was thinking how great you look. Keep it up – you can do this!

  2. You did awesome! I’m so glad you were on my team again!

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