Back (by popular request?)

Okay, so by not posting here on my bit of the inter-webs, I’ve kinda bit my self in the ass. It turns out that, while I might fail (cluing the whole big wide world of BFL readers about how much I suck) by blogging during the hard times timesl, I will fail if I hide away and don’t tell what’s going on.

Yes, I’ve been hiding from you all and gaining weight at the same time. I’m completely angry with myself because, yet again, I get to re-lose 20 pounds that I’d already lost. This will be the second time to lose pounds 265ish to 245ish. Why, oh why, I did this to my poor, slow, jiggly body is a mystery in the bright light of day. However, under cover of dark snow clouds and cold polluted air, it makes perfect sense–I needed those pizzas!

So, now I’ve got to get down and busy again.

  1. First step, renew my rec. center membership for 2009. I work for a city and can use their recreation center for free. All it will take is a quick visit to the city recorder to my pass re-newed. You think that would be easy as (pizza) pie, but alas, I have put it off.
  2. The next step is to begin waking up at a6 am again. I have a membership to Planet Fitness and can go there in the mornings to get my blood flowing. I have big plans with my friend, Teresa, to meet at PF 3x’s a week. It’ll then be up to me to get there the other 2 mornings.
  3. I’ve signed up to participate in early morning boot camp with my Michelle friend in February. We’ll be training with Shelly who was one of my trainers in the last Ultimate Loser thing and I really like here. It will be nice to have a organized class that I’m committed to participating in. Boot camp is a lot like Ultimate Loser just with fit people so I know I can do it. I’ll just have to prepare myself to be the fattest, slowest girl in the class. Maybe if I up the personality I can overcompensate for my inability to crab walk. It’s worth a try.
  4. I also want to do some outdoor activities on Saturdays and Sundays. I miss my morning hikes with Teresa & Josh and my Sunday afternoon walks with Teresa. Even if I go alone, I know I would enjoy doing this! So I must resist the inextricable pull of my flannel frog sheets, brave the cold and enjoy the greater Cache Valley area! Maybe if I change to the slippy, cool, white cotton sheets of summer my bed will be less appealing.

    I went on a 1.5 hour walk with my friend, Chelle, last Friday morning and loved it. I don’t know why I forget that. In the moment of those walks I really enjoy myself but I’ve got some sort of brain implant that blocks those positive memories and instead send me a constant feed of tired, hungry and general wussiness. It’s time to take my memories back and make the great outdoors my bitch!

In any case I’m back, blogging away as I stumble and fall (but ultimately get back up and keep plodding away) along my weight loss path. I was figuring that if I can lose, a very reasonable, 2 pounds a week I’ll weight 160 pounds by the end of the year. And that is something I can totally do!

Wahoo! to beginning (yet again).



  1. drubabe Said:

    YAY!!! Your posting!! Sorry I kept buggin’ ya. I just really feel out of touch with you sometimes. That’s why I want to go to the half marathon with you and your friends. We need to catch up. As for the weight gain, I feel for ya. I gained a considerable amount of weight over the Christmas break. Love ya!

  2. Teresa Said:

    YAY! K–I am so glad you are doing boot camp! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! We will have to switch up which mornings we meet maybe so that we aren’t on the same mornings, but I am totally willing! WAHOO! I just wish i could also come to the morning boot camp, but it starts 1/2 hour too late for me!. I’m glad you are posting again and that we’re going to continue to help each other. YAY!

  3. Lucrecia Said:

    Glad you are back on the proverbial wagon! The hardest part is picking yourself up and getting back in when you fall off. I know have many many scars from my falls!

  4. wyogranny Said:

    Be the pack leader! Life is a series of re-dedications! Love ya.

  5. big sis Said:

    I really liked your previous blog. I miss hearing about your cat and the things you do ar work, and what you do for fun, In this blog all I hear about is your struggles with weight. I know that you must have more going on in your life and it is fun to hear about it. I, of course, am the perfect example of how to keep a blog that is interesting etc. (not). Do you still have your cat. I hope so, they are such fun companions!

  6. teresa Said:

    I’ve failed us on the early morning work outs this week. So sorry! I’m not sure what is up with me these days! grrrr

    Monday, though, we will be boot camping the heck out of ourselves!

  7. Lisa Said:

    Hey long lost friend.. I too have been hibernating in a (self-rationalized) attempt at surviving this yucky time of year in CV. Something must have snapped last week because I too have re-dedicated myself to pulling out of the pity party sludge that I’ve been wallowing in. I’ve torn apart my machine (that it is was broken was a too convenient excuse to not move myself) and have it in the shop getting repaired. here is too fresh starts (again) and better feeling selves.. also seeing each other soon.

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