Last night my friend, Chelle, called me to chat after her week long vacation. Among all of the catch up I shared with her some of my worries and concerns about this current weightloss challenge and how I really need to make it stick. I mentioned how I felt I needed to do some personal introspection this time around and really figure out some of the underlying issues I have with myself and my body. When I was finished, Chelle said something that made a lot of sense to me. Something I hadn’t even considered.

I’m spending an hour+ every day working out, I’m logging every bite of food I take in, I’m drinking water and taking time to stretch so why not set aside some time, everyday, to work on the mental/emotional side of this issue. If I’m going to expend all this energy, put in all this work, I should also put a priority on the other side of things. So I’ve decided that I’ll spend 30 minutes, everyday, focusing on the unseen elements of of this journey. I may use that time to journal, to blog, to pray, to read or even take a walk with just my thoughts to accompany me. Time to really focus on me. I’m pretty skilled at burying these feelings so it may take a considerable amount of time to figure things out and I think it’s totally worth it. I’ll take the scary look inward.

I found this little video clip a few years ago. It’s silly, fun and full of “hope”. Enjoy.



  1. athlete Said:

    What an excellent strategy. I know I don’t give enough time to thought and introspection, particularly in the areas I’m struggling. You’ll have to keep us posted–not necessarily on the insights, as they are likely very personal–but on whether or not the process is helpful. : )

  2. Lucrecia Said:

    Thats a great idea! I know the days I take a few moments to really focus and prayerfully consider my place I feel so much better! Those days are far too few though!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!! I need to set one up!

  3. wyogranny Said:

    What a great idea. I may steal it.

  4. That is a great idea and one so many of us skip! 🙂

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