Rambelings on keeping up

This weekend went pretty well, all things considered, and I was able to not only exercise Saturday morning but I was also able to keep my caloric choices in check. I cannot express often or fervently enough how grateful I am for good and supportive friends. Not only lovely people cheering me on but friends actively on the weight-loss path themselves who commiserate with me as we travail the path together.

(how are those big words Lisa? 🙂

My trouble with weekends is the lack of early morning reminders in the form of sore muscles to carry me through the day. That and I’m at home, alone, with my cupboards and frigidaire. However, A little forethought went a long way and I had reasonable treats stashed about like strawberries, string cheese, sugar-free pudding and lemonade readily available for snacking. I also was pretty busy and didn’t spend a great deal of time at home. This coming weekend will be the test as I have less on my agenda.

Monday morning I was still feeling pretty good and getting up at 5 am has not been as big a hurdle as I thought it might. I’m loving that it’s spring and there is something about stepping into the fresh, cool early morning air that I find wonderful. I love the feeling of being the only person awake and even the thought of the tortures in the immediate future haven’t deterred me yet.

This morning my efforts were thwarted by my own stupidity. For whatever reason (distraction, tiredness, inattention) I set my alarm clock for 6 am rather than 5. I got up, dressed and headed out the door before the lightened horizon clued me in on my gaf. Sadly I did not make it to the gym. I won’t lie, the extra sleep was glorious but the price of getting an 60 extra minutes was not worth it.

Tonight I’ll check the alarm 3 times!

p.s. In the interest of keeping an accurate record of how I’m feeling I do want to record that I think I’m having a minor MS related episode. Not enough to hinder me but I am feeling a little off balance. I had a terrible case of vertigo 5ish years ago that I now know was due to the MS and so I’m a little nervous that this minor imbalance I’m feeling will progress into full blown world spinning. Keep your fingers crossed that it remains simply annoying and clears up quickly.



  1. Lucrecia Said:

    Weekends are by far the hardest for me too! I have a friend with MS, and I know that exercise can cause flairs. I’m so proud of you for pushing through to reach your goals!

  2. teresa Said:

    Give me a call this weekend, Karen. We can help keep each other away from the bad treats. We can’t eat anything too bad if we are up the canyon walking, eh?

  3. wyogranny Said:

    Keeping everything crossed that can cross and praying that you will not have a major episode. Your dedication and spirit are inspiring! I decided to do this after school thing I’m involved in at Osmond Elementary just because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and I can too.

  4. superflychic Said:

    I sometimes get that vertigo feeling too. Ever since I rode Spin-Out that one year at the fair with Jake. And I absolutely LOVE to snack on pretzels. They are SO darn good!

  5. Lisa Said:

    Big wordsy kudos Friend! you are doing great! You inspired me! Can’t wait to catch up soon in person! miss you.

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