so busy…

Okay, I have 5 minutes to update everyone. I’ll write more when I get a chance (tomorrow?) but until then here are the basics of the last 1+ week.

I only lost 1 pounds last week. 1 stupid, ugly pound. I am sad.

We had our first group Saturday challenge and it was a 5k. I did not do well but I didn’t (as fellow team member Randi pointed out) cry. Instead I did something weird and painful to may ankle and vomited. Good compromise.

I’m feeling less our of breath during class but I’m also feeling more flatulent. This is unfortunate when you are doing sit-ups.

Tomorrow we swim.



  1. superflychic Said:

    You lost a pound! I think It’s great. If you lost 1 pound a week for the next year, you will have lost 52lbs. I think it’s excellent! Good Job!

  2. wyogranny Said:

    A good week is any week with a weight loss! Maybe it’s the vomiting?!

  3. Teresa Said:

    K-you totally rocked the kick board this morning! Way to not give up!!!! Thanks for being there for me. Its been a rough week. 🙂 Love Ya!

  4. Chelle Said:

    YAY! You lost a pound. I’d call that a success. I’d also consider it a success because you are feeling less out of breath. Losing weight is not the only goal, right? As you increase your ability you are improving your health. Success.

    Keep it up chica.

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