This posts for you Ash.

My baby sister has issued an ultimatum to me that she won’t update her blog until I do. What she fails to acknowledge is that the life of a 14 year old girl yields better blog fodder than that of a 35 year old woman.

Yes, I’m still alive and I’m still plugging away at the monstrous weight loss demon that plagues me. The last 6-ish weeks have been okay. My original goal to taking it easier so I wouldn’t burn out at the end of this session in the ultimate loser seems to be working. I don’t have great, huge loss numbers to report but things have been steady and at a pace that I feel I can maintain for the long haul. I’ve been working out 1 hour a day with my class and then that is it. I’m more careful about what I eat but I haven’t been militant about counting calories and restricting myself to 1200-1400 a day. I’m not experiencing dramatic weightloss but it’s been steady (14.8 in 6 weeks) and I feel really good about things over all.

I’m not counting the days until this is over and thinking about all the things I will eat when I’m done. I haven’t been depriving myself of things I’m just being a lot more careful about everything and so far so good.

I know this is a brief report but May has been incredibly busy. I’m scrambling to get everything ready for my summer programs at work and trying to balance my exercise, diet and church calling along with it. Hopefully once the summer gets going I’ll have a bit more time and can update this here blog properly.ย  Until then…

Go see the new Star Trek movie! It is awesome (I’ve seen it twice) and young Spock is hot (new fodder for my dream life ๐Ÿ™‚ )



  1. wyogranny Said:

    God for you o the weight loss and the new attitude. No PJ’s yet, but soon! Love Ya!

  2. Lisa Said:

    Yea! steady as she goes friend. Good to see you last week.Your eyes were positively sparkling. Got your sound machine all put together. come see and make sure you still want it *grin* it is cool. the neighbor kids and us are loving it. keep on keeping on friend. happy good weather for walking!

  3. big sis Said:

    You are on a better way to loose the weight now. It is at a pace that you are comfortable with. Remember the Lord has said to use moderation in all things. Steady as she goes is more likely too have longtime results. I think you will feel better in the long run. Remember you have that new lifetime partner (MS) to deal with, which in some ways will be a blessing inasmuch that you will have to take better care of yourself, in order to function better. Learning to be comfortable in our own skin is one of the challenges we have to deal with. We, as a faith believing people, know how God wants us to like. This gives us a advantage that many others do not have. Keep on trying and working. You can do it, I know you can. I read this the other day. We should like being by ourselves, or at least be comfortable with ourselves, because we are the only person that will always be with ourselves from the day we are born until the day we die. I would like to add this to go with the above statement. Our Savior will always be with us too, so we will never be totally alone.

  4. Karalee Said:

    You are still my hero. Way to go Karen! I wish i could get my mind set just to start trying….again….

  5. superflychic Said:

    Updated at last! Good job Karen! You should keep up the exercise even after the competition is over. Starting all over again each time wont work. We all love you to death! But really, don’t die, I was just making a point at how much we love you. I know. These literal terms can get confusing at times.

  6. pi-day Dave Said:

    We (the boys and I) went and saw the new Star Trek movie. It opened up a whole slew of new movies with the new alternate time line thingy. It was well worth the wait.

  7. amen sister

  8. oops, that reply was meant for your contest remarks ๐Ÿ™‚

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