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the first week curse if broken

In the past my first week on an Ultimate Loser team has not brought me the greatest results.  I’ve either gained a pound or lost very little. This little pattern has really pushed my frustration buttons.  There is nothing more discouraging to the weight loss process than to gain a pound!

This week with Natalie has been uber-tough.  She is a really good trainer and fair.  I really appreciate that she has noticed everyone’s different ability levels and pushs us accordingly.  There have been many times when I haven’t been able to do an exercise the exact way it should be done but she knows I’m doing my best.  However, she seems to sense when I can push it more and isn’t hesitant about making me tow the line.  It’s really a whole new level of working out for me, being pushed like this, but it is also, ultimately, pretty rewarding.

I’ve been keeping a daily eye on how things are going on the scale and it looked like I was going to beat the first week curse.

(yes, yes, I know you should no’t weigh yourself everyday but I need to know how things are going)

Wednesday the scale was down, Thursday down… but this morning as I crawled out of my warm bed and onto the scale things looked bad. +1 bad.  I was really expecting to have a crap week again but I was horrified that I would have that +1 by my name.  Especially after this week.  At the gym we did our laps and dynamic warm up and then headed to the magical scale of destiny.  As my turn to stand upon is cold, ruthless surface came I almost didn’t look.  I mean really, who wants to face that kind of news?  But then… magically, on the official Ultimate Loser scale I was granted a reprieve.  -6.  -6 pounds!!!


-6 is great.  It’s better than I could’ve hope for and aside from the sore arms, knees, back, stomach, legs, feet and vomiting it was totally easy 🙂


Week 1… not as planned

Well, we’ve completed our first week, at least as far as the weigh-ins go.  I started at 260 on Monday and was really hoping for a fabulous number.  After all when you watch the biggest loser on tv the first week the contestants always post a-mazing numbers.  I was looking for a 5 or higher, so when I stepped on the scale I was mortified to see that I had gained .8 pounds.  I seriously hate that.

Now on reflection I know there were a few elements playing against me.  We only had 4 workout days since the last weigh-in.  I have had a hard time getting to the gym as early as I need to, most mornings I only get about 15 minutes of extra time in.  I also was really hoping to avoid workouts after work and didn’t do any this week.  I’m hoping that with some serious adjustments I can fix these things and that next week I’ll post an awesome number.

So here’s the plan:

  • I’m going to get to the gym as close to 5 am as I can, if I fail to get at least 45 minutes extra in before class I’ll stay after class 45 minutes.  I’m hoping this will get me there early because I really don’t want to be there until 8
  • I’m going to take a walk on my lunch break. I can eat at my desk most days and so when I get to take my 45 minutes for lunch I can take that time to go on a walk.
  • I’m going to really push myself during class even when I don’t want to.

I’m hoping these tactics will help.  If I’m going to lose 39 pounds I’ve got to get moving!

I also want to share a little about this first week.  We have team trainers this time around, Alissa & Shelly.  I really like them both and I really appreciate how they think about what they are doing with our time to make it effective.  We have an upper body day and a lower body day each week so we can build some strength.  We have cardio days which are super calorie burners and from what I can tell they will try to vary things up with kickboxing, running, stairs, relays, etc.  We also began with some fitness tests that we’ll repeat on the last day so we can know how far we’ve come.  I’m really excited by this.  I’ve never thought to keep track of how many crunches I can do in a minute, or how many laps I can run around the track in a certain amount of time but I think it will be incredibly helpful to be able to measure that progress.  So let me tell you where I stand right now.

As of Monday I can do:

  • 40 crunches in 1 minutes
  • run 5.5 laps in 6 minutes (13.5 laps is a mile)
  • 17 push ups before I break form

This week has been good.  I’m feeling good and I’m still so glad I’m there.  It’s good to be pushed to my limits and to know I’m taking care of myself.  I’m also very glad to have my friend Teresa on my team.  I didn’t realize what a difference having her there would make to me.  It’s been great.  I also need to thank everyone who has been supportive to me.  I’ve been very blessed all week and need to shout “THANK YOU” to you all.  It seriously makes me want to cry.  Thanks.

September 29th Starting Weight: 260
Week 1 Weight: 260.8

Another weightloss competition completed!

Last October I began my journey to a more fit & svelte me by joining a weight loss competition at my local gym, the Sports Academy. That competition lasted 10 weeks and I lost 29 lbs. This May they began another competition, this time for 8 weeks, and today was the last day.

I know that I’ve improved by leaps and bounds since that October morning when I officially tipped the scale at 301 lbs. I know that I can do more now, I feel better and I’m stronger than I was but sometimes, when I’m in the middle of a particularly hard workout, I still feel like the fattest, slowest, grossest, ginormous girl around. It’s been hard to get through those days. Those are the days that I wonder when or if I’ll ever feel good about what I’ve done. I know that changing my internal body image takes more than just changing my body and I’m still working on not feeling like that 301 lb girl.

But, today is not one of those days. This morning we had our final weigh in and while I didn’t lose as much this week as I’d liked to have, I still lost a little bit more. I’ve come just a little bit further. I’m feeling just a little bit better and this is what will keep me moving in the right direction.

So here are my final stastics for the Ultimate Loser III competition:

Starting weight: 270.8 lbs
Ending weight: 242 lbs
Total lost: 28.8 lbs

Total Lost since October ’07: 59 lbs — only 80+ more to go!

todays weigh in

I made it to the end of the week. Yea! Now I’ve got to really focus and work extra hard so I can make the final week of this competition count.  Here’s hoping for a huge final number.

Starting Weight: 271 lbs
Current Weight: 245 lbs
Total Lost: 26–only 1 more to go to hit 10%
Total Lost (this week): 3 lbs

so, so sad and depressed

Today I discovered that my plan to get the gym early and exercise for 2 straight hours every morning failed miserably.  It was beyond depressing.  My friend, Jen, who did the same thing was disappointed as well.  I’m getting kinda burned out but need to suck it up and freakin’ live at the gym for the next two weeks!  It’s gotta be all exercise, all the time and I’m gonna hate it.  The only upside to that plan is that it’s only for 2 more weeks and after that It’ll feel like a vacation to go back to a more reasonable schedule.

Tomorrow is our last competition day and we’ve been told to wear our swimming gear.   This does not bode well for me.  I’m such a bad swimmer.  Tonight I’m going to the pool to get some pointers from our teams resident swim expert.  Billy is going to try to make me a swimmer.  I suspect he’s in for a uphill battle!

Now on to today’s depressing results:

Starting weight: 270 lbs
Current weight: 247 lbs
Weight lost (this week) 1.8 lbs — yes, I know that this is a good thing and 1.8 lbs gone can never be bad but… I worked hard this week and was really hoping for a better loss. I’m still sad about it!
Total lost: 23 lbs

My pants won’t stay up!

I’m suffering from a serious problem… plumber butt.  I cannot keep my pants on!  I don’t want to buy new pants though because I plan to continue losing weight and don’t want to spend big money on pants that will hopefully only fit for a few months.  I suspect that I’ll be exploring the world of second hand jeans very soon!  What is terrible is that I bought 2 pairs of yoga pants at the beginning of this UL contest and now I struggle to keep them on.  Friday we were running a timed relay carrying 16 lb medicine balls and I lost my briches half way around the track.  My arms were full of yellow weighted torture making a much needed hitch difficult.  Thank the stars above that no one was there to see the moon that flashed!  Today I pinned the waist and that seemed to help a lot.  I love those pants and hate that I only got a few weeks out of them before I lost too much in the waist to run in them!

There are only 3 weeks left this time in the Ultimate Loser contest.  I’m struggling to keep my caloric intake under control and to get in enough exercise everyday.  I’ve made a goal for this week that I’ll get to the gym at 5 am so I can get in an extra hour of exercise in the morning.  That way I’ve at least gotten my full 2 hours and if I get to the gym after work that is just bonus.  This morning I arrived around 5:15 and so I stayed after class until 7:15.  It’s a good thing too because I’m so so so tired.

Today’s workout was less than fun.  I did a lot of crunches, squats, jogging, pushups, and up/downs (which I hate with the intensity of a thousand fiery suns!).  On my own time I did 10 minutes on the stair master & 45 minutes on the treadmill.

This past week I was incredibly busy.  I never really caught up on the things I needed to get done and so I didn’t get to write about the weight loss results last week.  I’ve slowed down and you can tell by my umber.  I only lost 3 pounds last week bring my grand total to 20.  I’m hoping to work really hard this week and lose a lot.  I’d love to hit my 10% goal by this friday, so I need to lose 7 this week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Here are my stats:

Beginning weight:  270.8 lbs
Current weight:  249.8 lbs
Total Lost (this go around):  20 lbs
Total lost since October:  51 lbs!!!

On Friday I wore a shirt that hasn’t fit in 10 years.  It was awesome.  Too bad my taste in fashion has changed though 🙂

busy, busy

Today is busy but here are the weigh-in results:

Only 2 lbs. Sheesh.

I’ll post more tomorrow.

Alissa’s Back…

…but we’re still running!  Alissa was back to train our group this morning.  She flew back from Paris last night but was bright and chipper at 6am.  That is dedication and I suppose I should use it to buoy me up for my continued working out but in reality I still hate the running.  And running is precisely what she had us do this morning!

Yesterday, Ethan had us run stair laps carrying first 45lb weights (x2), then 35lb weights (x3), then 25lb weights (x4).  It was miserable.  The fact that I’ve lost over 45lbs since I started this weight loss adventure back in October was not lost on me as I lugged that hunk of awkward metal around and around the SA.  It’s hard to believe that I was functioning with that much additional weight on my body.  However, if I’m being truly honest, I wasn’t functioning very well.  It’s both exciting and daunting to think that I’m going to lose more than 2 of those weights again before I reach my goal.

I was positive that I was going to have a small weight loss this week.  I’ve been getting to the gym earlier in the morning so I can put in some extra sweating exercise time, but I’ve had a hard time fitting in additional exercise in the evenings.  It’s hit or miss and I need to improve on that.  I’m planning on meeting my friend Teresa in the morning at Old Main Hill so we can climb stairs and then working in my yard later.  Hopefully this will add significantly to my caloric burn for next week so I can have a monster number on the scale.  That would be nice 😀

So on to today’s weigh in results:

Starting Weight:  270 lbs
Current Weight:  255 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  15 lbs–4 this week

If I count the weight I’ve lost since I began in October I’ve lost 46 lbs so far.  Amazing.

weigh-in Friday

Friday was our second weigh-in day and I was worried.  I’m in the middle of my ovarian re-boot and was worried about retaining water on the scale.  Our trainer, Alissa, is in Paris for a week and we’ve been working out with my old trainer, Ethan.  He does things a little differently, so while people we’re weighing in we we’re running stair laps.  I think I prefer how Alissa handles the weigh-in with everyone in the room.  That way seems to build more team togetherness as we cheer for each other and can help support those who had a tough week.  However, regardless of the method of the weigh-in the results were good.  I’ve got a really great & supportive team this go around and we all did well.  I think if we can keep things up we could be contenders for the final prize.  We’ve been talking about getting together outside of class to hike, play ultimate frisbee, run, etc. and I like being on a team with such great team spirit.

So now I’ll tell you the results of my second week:

Starting weight:  270.8
Current weight:  259
Total weight lost:  11 lbs–6 lbs this week!
Inches lost:  a bunch–I’ll post the actual number when it’s posted on the website

first weigh-in

This week has been really good. My UL classes have been very challenging but very good too. I’ve loved the variety of things we’ve done, even when I didn’t love the actually exercise (hello, lunges can suck it!). Yesterday was ‘leg day’ and it was full of those awful lunges, squats, running with 35 lb weights and an obstacle course. I was completely worn out by the end. Today we worked with exercise balls and that was hard. My balance isn’t too bad and I was able to do (in my own modified fat girl way) the push ups and bridges but I started getting charlie horses in my thighs when we were doing the leg lifts so I didn’t do many of those. We ended the class by getting into teams of 3 and then were told we were going to fireman carry each other down the gym. Now I do not have a problem with carrying others but I did not want to be carried! It was awful. I have a friend who ended up in my group and she is considerably smaller than me so to have her try to carry me sucked. She couldn’t do it and I ended up feeling completely embarrassed that they even had to try.

Emotionally I have been so much better this during competition but that fireman carry pushed things to far for me. I’ve been able to come to terms with the fact that I’m one of the biggest people. I can cope with being slow and often the last to finish things but to have other people put in a position where they must deal with my size was humiliating (there were tears). I hope we don’t have to do it again.

Next week I’ve really got to ramp things up and spend more time exercising. This incarnation of the competition isn’t requiring that we exercise and additional hour and not having that requirement is making it too easy for me to justify skipping extra time at the gym. If I want to make this work and pull my weight (forgive the pun)for the team, I need to put in my time. Now, lets get on to the weigh-in…

Beginning Weight: 270
Current Weight: 265
Total Weight Lost: 5 lbs

That makes me pretty happy.

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